6.25.21 Two Weeks Into Summer


“Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

We have officially finished two weeks of summer … already! As a writer, I have accomplished little. Instead, I have been quite focused on being: a mom, a wife, a friend, and a human – you know, all of the titles I wasn’t able to give myself to fully this year. And so, we have delved into the sunlight armed with freckles and giggles. From discovering new ice cream places to bake off competitions, visiting friends to glow stick parties, ocean drives to waterfall hikes, our family is pursuing every moment of summer with passion and forced purposelessness. We have reminded ourselves: how to sleep in, how to build four-room forts, how much we love to read, and what movies are worth watching and re-watching. We have had bonfires and perfected the art of the s’more, went for long walks and slow runs, discovered new restaurants and even allowed ourselves to take naps … all of us!

Just fourteen days, and I feel as though I am waking up again from a long, fitful and restless sleep. I honestly cannot fathom the journey I know some of you have endured these past two years … the journey so many of you (of us) are still on. But I truly, madly, deeply hope that you can find time to reintroduce yourself to the simple pleasures that bring you back to yourself. If you feel you cannot afford the time, then steal it – go ahead, I give you permission. Do yourself and those you love the favor of your entire presence. Hit pause on what “should” be done for what must be done.

I’d write more, but I’m off to read, and dream, work on a puzzle with my son, and dance with my daughter – the best kind of busy.

Breathe in, and out, and in once more … then, smile sunshine … you’ve got time.


6.15.21 Hello Bella


Sometimes I think about what Summer would say to me if she were the friend I imagine her to be.

“Where have you been?” she asks. “And why haven’t you made time for the best parts of yourself? I miss you.”

To which I answer …

“I miss me too.”

It seems that our summer-selves are just a bit more magical because summer is the season where our childhood hearts remain effervescent with joyous potential.

(Excerpt from Bella Grace issue 28)

I have to say that I am just completely charmed with the Summer Issue of Bella Grace. Writing “A Summer State of Mind,” allowed me to dwell in my favorite season of the year. And “52 Things I Could Do,” was pure fun from start to finish … dreaming of all the possibilities I’d treat myself to if time were not such a villain!

As if that weren’t dreamy enough, I am also the host of Bella Grace’s Blog Grace Notes … dipping my toes further into the beauty that is summer with, “Summer Lights: 35 Joys That Light Us From the Inside.”

Please take time to say, “Hello Bella,” with me and let me know which piece spoke to your inner summer-self! Hearing from you all is forever and always my favorite part!

Sparkles and sun kisses,