8.26.21 Held


Sometimes, I think we all just need to be held

in the in-between places that fissure and fester …

that feel one word or deed away

from shattering our resolve

c o m p l e t e l y

On the days when your skin feels too tight

and your heart skips and stutters –

desperately trying to find a rhythm amidst the speed of light

and what’s supposedly


or right

in a time when there’s no such thing

Sometimes, I imagine a golden thread

weaving its way in and out of the dark

and frayed pieces of the spirit that we all try to ignore

I try to fathom a light among my heavy, swollen thoughts

that build and fill to the point of brimming

But to be held …

to be wrapped in the promise that

everything is going to be okay –

It’s not the truth of the words that matters


in the end

it’s the hope behind them …

the possibility

that hope is enough

the reality that it always is

8.12.21 Like Her Light


I wonder how it can be

that the light of my life

has once again had her turn about the sun –

where she has shared smiles

and ideas

and daydreams

as if they were

endlessly renewable resources

And to her …

they are

There is no day that is not made brighter because of her

There is no individual she leaves

without having made them feel truly seen

and known

and valued

And always, I am in awe not only of her

but of the breathtaking reality

that I get to be a part of her story …

As she continues to grow,

as she continues to circumnavigate this life

I know there will be times

I want to bear the weight of the world for her

and yet,

I also know she will find her own way

and that somehow

she will illuminate her own path …

thereby casting her incandescence

like starlight

like sunlight




Radiant and brilliant as she