9.6.21 *39 Wishes

I am two days away from my 39th birthday … and as always happens near this turn of season and year, I am reflective and grateful for another twirl about the sun. My mom always says that you have as many wishes as you do candles, so I thought I’d share a few with you – because I believe in blessings, not luck … so I have full confidence that sharing them might actually help them come true. I’d love to know some of your wishes too!

  1. I wish to be as brave as my husband.
  2. I wish to be as kind as my son.
  3. I wish to be as magical as my daughter.
  4. I wish to be as encouraging as my mom.
  5. I wish to be as selfless as my sister.
  6. I wish to have as much integrity as my dad.
  7. I wish to love as unconditionally as my pets love me.
  8. I wish to be the kind of friend who’s trusted enough for the 3:00 AM phone calls.
  9. I wish to be as curious as my students.
  10. I wish to be as wonder-filled as my nieces and nephews.
  11. I wish to never stop learning new things.
  12. I wish to see rain and have the urge to dance.
  13. I wish to hear the wind and understand its secrets.
  14. I wish to explore.
  15. I wish to be in the right place at the right time for the right person.
  16. I wish to be given the right words to comfort anyone who needs to hear them.
  17. I wish to know fluently the language of empathy.
  18. I wish to help, and have the grace to let others help me in return.
  19. I wish to remember my dreams after waking up.
  20. I wish to never let fear take hold.
  21. I wish to have thousands of more days where I laugh until it hurts.
  22. I wish to never lose touch with the majesty of nature.
  23. I wish to let ordinary moments take my breath away.
  24. I wish to be an example of faith in action.
  25. I wish to always know the grace of being humble.
  26. I wish to forgive myself as easily as others forgive me.
  27. I wish my children to know (without a doubt) that they always came first.
  28. I wish to forever choose whimsy over reality.
  29. I wish everyone I speak with to feel cared for and comfortable.
  30. I wish to be more in tune with the voice of heaven.
  31. I wish for my memory to be clear and long.
  32. I wish for my anxieties to be fleeting.
  33. I wish to know and be known.
  34. I wish to remain in tune with my inner child.
  35. I wish to always be helpful.
  36. I wish for days filled with contemplation of hummingbirds.
  37. I wish to see the best in every person and place.
  38. I wish to understand God’s definition of love and peace.
  39. I wish to place golden moments in tiny glass boxes to treasure.

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