9.30.21 Where Colors Burn

“And what once felt so predictable –
a canopy of breeze-tossed green
is now an explosion of brilliance …
colors that burn just to look at …”

If Fall were a woman, in the words of the eminent Jane Austen, “She would certainly be a fearsome thing to behold.” Imagine all of that brilliance … all of that passion … burning in one spirit, lighting up the world as quick as a spark and as memorable as the impression of fireworks’ afterglow. How I hope to hold a fraction of that light – that vivacity.

Bella Grace Issue 29 is filled to the brim with all things captivating. I was excited to see a throwback piece from Grace Notes of mine, “Fall is Made for Reinvention.” Please take some time this fall to listen slowly, love deeply, and soak in all the places where colors burn.

Wind chimes and wishes,

Elle Harris

4 thoughts on “9.30.21 Where Colors Burn

  1. I loved this piece! I wrote out the third paragraph into my personal journal – it’s so true! I love the perspective on the changing on the seasons that you have, about change being essential.

    Hal Borland has a book, Sundial of the Seasons, that I read daily that has many observations on the physical changing of the seasons. Your library may have his “Book of Days”. Both are in print, but they are old old books.

    I hope you’re having a great fall. I love the gratitude pumpkin idea and am glad it worked so well.


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