11.11.21 Veteran’s Day

Whenever I teach my students about the literary element of symbolism, I tell them that the American flag is like my wedding ring, and that it symbolizes a promise, not perfection. I tell them that even though I have this ring on my finger, and even though I love my husband, there are days that we mess up … days that we hurt each other with our words, or our too-busy actions – but it doesn’t minimize the promise of the ideal. Wearing the ring on my left hand reminds me, visually, every day, to keep trying, to keep loving, albeit imperfectly. Our flag should do the same. I am more than well aware that our country is imperfect, that sometimes, lots of times, those in power do not honor her as they should, but I also know that this flag symbolizes a hope for greater things than man can master. Just as love is personified in my ring, hope and justice are personified in her stars and stripes. And today, I honor all the brave people who choose to fight for what this flag symbolizes, not the inherent flaws, but the intentional desire to see America rise and represent all who choose to love her.

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