2.22.22 Tracing Lines


Some sights ache for the beauty they hold

for the unearthly swell of spirit – of heart

they inspire

In moments such as these

when your pulse quickens

and your breathing stills

you recognize the magic that exists

e v e r y w h e r e

if only we take the time to feel it

This is the wonder that traces the line between heaven and earth

between divinity and reality

Tiptoe across the threshold of majesty

Taste test the possibility that you were meant for other

Trust that the beauty beheld did not find you on accident,

but on mission

What will you do with this sight?

With this light?

How will you make your next breath count longer?

Swell and expand with ripening hope …

that the world you knew is only starting to awaken,

that the life you once recognized is beginning anew

2.9.22 Just Like This


Today was one of those days

the kind where you decide to live it better for some reason you didn’t consciously decide

but lean into nevertheless

It was an eat-dessert-first day

and then one more helping because why not?

It was a call someone just to make them smile day

and then laugh and linger on the conversation

It was a day to take a long walk and go uphill both ways

because you were grateful for the strength to stand

It was a notice the beauty in ordinary things day …

the way his hair curls, always at the left temple

the way her eyes go a little bit dreamy, every time she dances

the way God hung the stars like ornaments on the bare branches of the trees

the way my heart beats, and stutters, and skips at the thought

that there might be another day

just like this