5.23.22 A Season’s Invitation



a breath of warmth
whispering scents of hyacinth and lily of the valley in waking,
walking daydreams of pastel perfection
tucking you into the truth that
Winter cannot remain
darkness cannot sustain
and that
s l o w l y …
ever so,
the light begins to lengthen –
effervescent fingers stretching invitingly
into something entirely new

Might these calligraphic winds
turn your tide
strengthen your stride
and bow you back to humbler beginnings reminding you of earlier dreams

still waiting for their curtain call Time is a patient partner, holding out a hand to tomorrow if you missed yesterday

if you’ve a hesitant history build on, “not today”
the summon still stands

Anything is possible
in the sweet asylum of a world
where irises arise
where pink and peach watercolor clouds drift in and out of sunrise skies
where seagrasses sway
and a new night filled with
inconstant constellations
beckon you to wish
and wonder
what might become yours
as soon as you say yes
to the petaled promises
of the fresh-start season within

Questions to Light Your Path:

  1. What is a dormant dream you’ve recently reawakened?
  2. What are the scents of Spring that inspire you?
  3. Have you ever wanted to try something entirely your own and new? What might it be?
  4. What are the colors that speak to you of Springtime?
  5. Why does Spring personify the gentlest, softest time of year?
  6. If you knew the answer would be yes … what question would you ask? And to whom?
  7. Can you describe a sunrise using all of your senses to do so?
  8. What “summon” from your own “hesitant history” do you still feel calling you?
  9. Do you have a darkness you are ready to leave behind? What light will chase it away?
  10. If you are turning your tide to new winds, what one word will bespeak your new journey?

5.11.22 Dear Me … I Have Some Advice for You


Dear Me,

I’ve been meaning to talk to you for awhile now. In fact, I think we are long overdue for a bit of truth. Lately, you’re a bit scattered, and I believe the time has come for some truth. Be open to it … trust me … it’s necessary.

  1. If you: a) fall asleep every time you start a movie, b) shave one leg twice and accidentally forget the other because you can’t remember which leg was which, c) repeat yourself to the same person more often than you’d like to admit, or d) wake up imagining ways you could sneak a nap, YOU MIGHT NEED MORE SLEEP!
  2. You are not, nor can you ever be EVERYONE’S cup of tea. Let’s face it girl … for some you’re more like a shaken spray of soda pop in the face than a soothing sip. It’s okay. Be you: fizzy, bubbly, and too much. Who else can you be? Don’t apologize for your extra, but don’t expect everyone to reach for a second cup either!
  3. Don’t try to save the world every six minutes. You’re not an Avenger and I don’t believe you’re likely close to being recruited anytime soon. Make peace with it. Instead of trying to solve everything, attempt to make things better in your own circle of influence. It might not be blockbuster-monumental movements, but in their own small way, your actions will still matter.
  4. You have some wrinkles. Sweet people around you (like your husband) will try to tell you otherwise. Don’t believe him. There is no such thing as, “smile lines,” and the “natural curves of your face,” don’t get deeper with age. It’s okay. You’ve earned them. Embrace your face and move on.
  5. It might be time to back off of coffee a little. I know, I know. You only drink decaf. And you only add cocoa powder to get that chocolate flavor which is organic and practically calorie-free. And yes, sometimes you add peppermint oil which, I agree, is good for you … but we both know the truth. You don’t like coffee. You like creamer … and … you know you’re a little too generous with it. A lot too generous if we are being honest. So, yeah. How about we both agree that one cup a day is MORE than plenty.
  6. Make the time to read. And write. And read some more. And write some more. There is no fulfillment of dreams for you without both, and what kind of example do you want to send your children if they don’t actively see you pursuing your dreams? Don’t make excuses, make time. Period.
  7. Did I mention you’re tired and you need to go to bed?
  8. Give your pets a little more attention. They wait for you, quite literally. Don’t make them wait. Sit on the floor when you read. Snuggle up. Never mind the fur, the slobbery kisses, or the bruises you endure from their 110+ pounds sitting atop instead of beside you. They need love and cuddles, and they’ve been patient all day. It’s their turn.
  9. Give it to God once in awhile. You know what I’m talking about. All the little thoughts that nag you. All the worries you’re too attached to to let go of. You and your kite-string prayers are annoying. You say the right words, but you keep yourself connected to them, pulling them this way and that with you against the wind instead of releasing them to the universe. I’ve got news for you sister, you cannot (and never could) control everything, so stop trying. If you say you believe, then believe.
  10. Be grateful. Always. You have SO much to be thankful for, and while you’re a generally peppy person, I don’t think you always recognize just how menial your day-to-day inconveniences really are. Yes, you’re busy … but who isn’t. And I hate to break it to you, but you put a whole lot of that busy on yourself. Take a breather, and with each one of those breaths, breathe a silent prayer to the universe of gratitude for just how good you’ve got it. If you have love, you have everything you need.

I am certain there are many, many more things we could talk about, but I know that you’re tired, so we will save those for another day. I’m proud of you, for listening … well … as good as I know you can listen while also planning and brainstorming and thinking about everything else you’re still hoping to do before your head hits that pillow. Do me a favor though yeah? Dream a little dream for me?

Always in your corner,

Me (again)