10.24.22 Good Witch

I’d like to be a good witch

If magic were a choosing

And brew and bottle lovely things

To lend for life’s perusing

From gentle breeze to inkling

And wisest wish to whim

I’d sprinkle pleasant daydreams

Filling stardust to the brim

Then with whispered words of musing

I’d find ways to charm the day

And leave some room for Fate and Chance

To twirl and run and play

Then when the day’s bright mischief ends

When sun succumbs to stars

Before the dark could take its claim,

I’d catch sunbeams in jars

And whenever one felt lonely

or they hit a snag or glitch

I’d help and soothe, brew joy and hope

If I could be a witch

3 thoughts on “10.24.22 Good Witch

  1. If I could “witch” with you…this too would be my prayer. More whimsy, less worry.
    More confidence, less criticism. Oh how I wish.

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