12.12.22 Tis the Season to Be Cozy

“I think I could live in your thoughts … your mind would seem a cozy place.” – Caroline George

Here it is again … my favorite read for my favorite season! Cozy! Bella Grace Magazine’s Volume 5 of Cozy is out, and I’m in love. I was so excited to write a piece called, “Top to Toes Cozy in 10 Simple Steps.” I think that so often, people think cozy is something you can just turn on, but in my experience, cozy takes its time. From your sweet too-tense neck and shoulders to your heart, hands, and lungs – we need to relax each part of ourselves and unburden our bodies from expectation.

I hope that you will take some time to think about what cozy really means to you and determine a routine you can commit to in order to restore your brilliant joy.

What’s your favorite ritual of cozy? I’d sure love to know!

Snuggles and sparkles,


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