2.2.23 Seven Small Truths: Day Two

Here we are, day two of my seven days of tiny truths. Again, as I look at these mini-declarations, I realize that they really are fairy insignificant wonderings of mine, and yet–somehow–I feel like they say a lot about who I am or have become. As I look over them, I’m not sure that they are good or bad or even anything in-between, but they’ve offered me self-reflection, so … I suppose that is something. At the very least, they’ve made me curious if I am alone, or if you too have mini-truths to share.

So here we go again!

DAY TWO Truth: Bouquets of flowers, though beautiful, tend to make me sad. They remind me of endings as they are usually given at the culmination of something, be it nostalgic, a milestone, or an event much more painful. They are the pretty punctuation to an event, anniversary, or life. Sometimes the too-sweet smell of the freshly cut blossoms immediately turns to a lump in my throat. When given flowers, I tend to flip and dry them so they become something eternally lovely, instead of something I must watch die. 

Is that weird?

Does it change anything if it is?

When I was a little girl, I attended many funerals. I think that is where it all began. Then it was performances. Then it was corsages. Then a series of wonder-filled events that I didn’t want to end, that did.

Maybe it’s less about flowers and more about the impermanence of beautiful things. Still … I recognize that beautiful things are sometimes so because they are impermanent. As Robert Frost said, “Nothing gold can stay.” Isn’t that what makes for the truly perfect moments, the magnificent colors and blooms … the fact that we know we are witnessing something precious and fleeting?

What about you? How do you feel about the bittersweetness of temporary treasures?

Gratefully yours,


8 thoughts on “2.2.23 Seven Small Truths: Day Two

  1. I was in the midst of reading this and realized that I was missing a glorious flamingo colored sunrise sky. So I stopped for a few minutes and just soaked it all in. It was all too fleeting. These are the moments I try to grab onto, trying not to let go of those few precious, magical moments.

  2. Agree completely!!!! People keep giving me flowers and plants and feel such pressure to keep the plants alive and the flowers beautiful. Too much pressure to be a happy thought.

  3. You’ve reflected tha multi-facets of flowers well. They’re used for moments we call memorable, important, significant…some of those bittersweet and sad. Moments, slices of a lifetime, though, are always in motion forward. Now, this moment, with flowers in honor, is to be enjoyed, savored, cherished. Then there’s my mom who has made it clear, she wants her flowers now, when she can enjoy them, not on her grave. Her birthday was Thursday; there were flowers and joy. Your tiny truths matter too. Thank you!

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