2.3.23 Seven Small Truths: Day Three

“… love covers over a multitude of sins.” – 1 Peter 4:8

I am so grateful you’re traveling with me on this short-and-sweet voyage. Traveling any distance is always better with company, and I have had so many remarkable conversations that have burgeoned out of this tiny truth series. Next stop? My very favorite thing of all time in the history of ever.

DAY THREE Truth: I love.

I love a lot.

Life. People. Places. Ideas. Travel. Books. Quotes. Dreams. Things I can explain, and even more, the things I can’t.

I love folklore, and legends. I love nature and creatures. I love the mistakes that have led me to the friends I adore, and the family that came from one right decision.

I love memories. Music. Mysteries. Faith and feelings. Passion and poetry. Questions, curiosities and the character I see in others.

I love, and love, and love.

And when the magic of living feels slippery, I dig in my heels, close my eyes, and open my spirit to what I know that I know that I know–at the essence and core of the fiber of my being …

LOVE is always the point. It is always enough, and I am enough because I am loved too.



Without deserving it … and wholly grateful in spite of the fact. 

Tell me kindred, what and who and how do you love?


4 thoughts on “2.3.23 Seven Small Truths: Day Three

  1. Elle, I’m a latecomer to your series of small truths, but delight in reading them! I’ll take this opportunity to respond to all three at once, if I may.

    Small talk is something I do not enjoy. I tend to dive deeper into conversations fairly early on, and in so doing weed out those who are terrified of going so deep so soon from those who speak the language of my soul.

    I admire the bittersweet symbolism of a gifted bouquet of flowers. I savour the flowers while they’re fresh; before composting the dried arrangement, I give thanks for the beauty that they added to my home for a time, how ever short it may have been.

    I love to search for beauty and light in this world, in their myriad forms, particularly when things feel less than cheerful, and perhaps in spite of that.

    Thank you so much for this conversation with a kindred spirit! 🙂

    • Sweet Katia! I’ve believed for some time that we’d be such fantastic neighbors! I imagine us with cups of tea in fancy cups, laughing and chatting long after the stars start to glimmer. Thank you for being my friend and kindred-spirit across the many miles! Here’s to our imaginary porch conversations! 🥰

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