About Me

Elle Harris
Chicago Suburb

Bio: I am a writer, teacher, mother, wife, sister, daughter and friend. Aside from those traditional titles, I am also a dreamer, an optimist, a child-at-heart and a believer of impossible things. Sometimes I think it is the titles we don't conventionally share that define us the most! As an emergent author, I am excited to share this blog as a foundation of reaching readers who are looking for a little piece of perspective, a meaningful moment or a cozy conversation. I hope you will choose to "read" life with me! Elle

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4 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Find the joy in the journey. I pray that your obedience to what God is calling you to do fills that space you denied for so long! Love you!
    Mel Bob

  2. Dearest Elle,
    I just read Grace Notes, your Magical story Wordless, and your soul touching poem “As She”.
    Your words touched my heart! What an incredible gift you have given to Michelle, to Katrina’s loved ones and to us… As I read your words, I felt as if I knew Katrina myself, and that her beauty and magic will surely live on through your written words. Life is so full of beautiful moments, and I believe that
    ~There are no coincidences, only Magically staged Miracles~
    Thank you so much for sharing your words, and so much more ♥

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