Feedback About Me


These are just a few reviews of my work, and my words.  I hope they help inspire you to reach out to me so that I can have the honor of speaking with you … beyond our digital connection!  Please go to my contact page so that I can come and speak, workshop, or sign with you! 

* “Elle was an absolute delight to host in our bookstore.  She has an uncanny knack to connect with customers.  Our customers were delighted with her book, Lullaby World and have been coming back for additional copies.”

– Arlene Lynes, Owner  (Read Between the Lynes Bookstore, Woodstock, IL ) 

* “Elle, I cannot begin to say how touched I am by the words and stories you share … I am forever grateful for never feeling alone with you in my long distance relations in life.”

– Roxanne, Blog Follower (Venice, Italy)

* “From the moment Elle sat down, the students were fully engaged and mesmerized with what she was teaching them.  They were excited … it is quite possible that I learned as much as they did from her visit.

– G. Nicholls, Elementary Teacher (Student Writer’s Workshop, IL) 

* “Elle was simply amazing at the writer’s workshop.  Her enthusiasm and passion for writing were so well received with the students.  Elle’s encouragement of expanding the imagination as a writer was first class, and the sprinkling of humor added greatly … her connection to the students was out of this world and made a lasting impression on these future young authors.”

– Parent (Student Writer’s Workshop, IL) 

* “Thank you for bringing us another fantastic message … I gleaned so much wisdom from your talk, but I especially needed to hear that I can’t be afraid to cause a ripple and fight for my kids no matter what!”

– C. Blackney (Audience Member, WI)

* “Thank you so very much for coming to speak to our ladies! The conversations in the group went very well and very great feedback! They thought it was pretty cool that the speaker came into their groups personally to thank them and connect!”

– V. Vanderlinden, Mothers of Influence Coordinator (Northbrook Church, WI)

Review of Speaking Engagement

* “We really enjoyed having Elle.  She left quite an impression on our moms.  One of the main focuses of our steering team is transparency, and I think she was so open and honest with her heartfelt message.” 

– T. Carriveau, MOI Speaker Liaison (Northbrook Church, WI) 

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