3.24.21 Springing Forward by Looking Back


“In a year that has felt both impossibly long and frozen – an immobile collection of repeating days – it can seem difficult to look forward. A new season is upon us and yet it is the same season when, for many of us, this entire shift of ‘the world as we knew it’ began. So what are we to do with spring? How can we advance bravely into the possibility of what we hope for when things appear no different? It’s simple – we look back. Take a bit of time to dwell in your ever-present treasure of memories. Spring is a time of reflections, new directions, and growth. Let the garden of your mind harvest sweet blossoms, and make yourself an enchanting bouquet of thoughts.”

– Excerpt from Springing Forward by Looking Back, Bella Grace Issue 27

I hope that you will take some time to explore Bella Grace’s Spring Issue! It is filled with all things lovely and has so many refreshing suggestions to reset your spirit! As always, it is an honor to write for my absolute favorite magazine in the entire world!

Happy Spring my darlings! Here’s to new beginnings!


3.8.21 Grateful Gifting


I was supremely blessed this past week when two orders came in for quote stacks from my mini shop, This Quotable Life Boutique. Every time someone reaches out to me for a personalized gift, I feel so remarkably grateful … grateful that I was thought of in the place between giver and gift. From personalized poetry to wedding vows – I have been able to walk in some of the most fragile, remarkable moments with individuals who deemed me worthy of entering into their journey. What could be more satisfying than that?

And so, I thank you … all of you who read my words … who ask me to keep writing. Whether in response to a piece in Bella Grace Magazine that touched your heart, or a blog post of mine that found you at just the right time, you, my sweet readers, keep me writing – keep me inspired – keep me dreaming of what is to come.

My circle of influence may not be large, but every time I’m asked to write, or told that my words found their way to someone at just the right time – I am in awe. I am humbled and endlessly grateful for the chance to matter in the moment.

So here’s to you – my lovers of words, of dreams, and the places that draw us between them.

Sending you sparkles,


1.20.21 The Beautiful In-Betweens


“In a paradoxical blush of cool hands and warm cheeks, warm nights with cool breezes, winter makes her entrance with dramatic grace and patience. There are so many beguiling experiences that, like the coming of a new season, only live in the in-between places of ourselves.”

I am honored to be featured in Bella Grace Magazine’s Winter Issue 26! From start to finish, this bookzine is filled with delighting in the magical aspects of the every day. My article focuses on looking at those in-between places in our lives that transition us from here to there. I’d LOVE to hear if you read it, and if so, which in-between time resonated most with you.

All my love,


11.11.20 Get Cozy


Bella Grace Magazine’s special issue Cozy is out again! It is my favorite time of year because it reminds us to tuck in and surround ourselves with all of the warmth, joy, and spirit of the coming season. The stretch of days between the first leaves of Fall and the first snowflakes of winter are magical with anticipation. Cozy is just another way to celebrate them. I was excited to, once again, be a part of these ink and comfort saturated pages.

I hope that you will not only pick up your own inspirational copy, but also take the time to drop me a message of what you do to stay cozy on these cinnamon tea and hot cocoa days. I’d love to hear your own personal version of comfort. Hearing from you is my delight.

Stay warm,


5.22.20 Both Sides of Her Pages


Love does not alter the beloved, it alters itself.” – Soren Kierkegaard

I will never forget the first time I found out that I was to be published in Bella Grace Magazine, not only because it was a significant achievement for an unknown writer like me … but also because I was at a bit of a low point. It was in 2015, my husband was in graduate school, I was working full time and writing a lot, we had two small kids, and I decided to sacrifice what little I could to just barely “keep up.”


It turns out this was a very bad idea. It lead to exhaustion, anxiety, and heart palpitations that ended me up in the ER. It was right after I started to reclaim the essential parts of my life (like rest, the joy of giving yourself a minute, the necessity of learning how to say no, etc.) that I received word that I was accepted to write for Bella. It felt like the best gift … like a metaphorical symbol that I was headed in the right direction and life was offering me something beautiful for finally, “getting it.”

Even now, five years later, I still get that same joy. Every time I have the honor of seeing my words printed on these thick, image-rich, story-lined pages – my heart skips in the best … slow down and savor kind-of-way. I fell in love with this magazine as a reader, and like the quote says above, love has altered me, so that every time I write, I think, with profound gratitude, of what that tired, unwound version of me would need to hear. I think about what would bring her calm … what would ease her too-filled mind.

I believe Bella Grace Magazine is a tonic for the weary spirit in all of us, and every timeall the time … I am grateful to be on both sides of her pages.

All my love,