11.11.20 Get Cozy


Bella Grace Magazine’s special issue Cozy is out again! It is my favorite time of year because it reminds us to tuck in and surround ourselves with all of the warmth, joy, and spirit of the coming season. The stretch of days between the first leaves of Fall and the first snowflakes of winter are magical with anticipation. Cozy is just another way to celebrate them. I was excited to, once again, be a part of these ink and comfort saturated pages.

I hope that you will not only pick up your own inspirational copy, but also take the time to drop me a message of what you do to stay cozy on these cinnamon tea and hot cocoa days. I’d love to hear your own personal version of comfort. Hearing from you is my delight.

Stay warm,


10/18/20 Mother Nature’s Curtain Call


Fall is Mother Nature’s curtain call
As Summer is a vibrant imprint of Spring’s entrance
Fall is Summer’s hushed echo
a crescendo of excess color
an overspill of emotion
a symphony of beauty so strong
it is almost painful to look at
Twirling in muted tones …
in the bittersweetness only an exit knows,
Fall arrives only as an in-between can –
as swift as a skipped heartbeat
as sweet as an almost-kiss
Blushing in tides of burnt persimmon, sugared cranberries, and dusted cinnamon her performance rises on winds of change
and promises an audience stunned to silence
at the stillness of coming Winter
Enamel glazed branches will applaud her long after the white curtain has fallen 

Pressed leaves in thick books will recall her essence
And the memory of her spirit will rest within the golden stars
just waiting to be wished on when warm nights with cool breezes return With a last turn,
with a final bow,
she leaves just as lovely as she came
Elegant and endless in the land of in-between 

9.27.20 Fall is Made for Reinvention


“Sometimes I like to pretend that I have lived a thousand lives before this one. I imagine I’ve seen a million color-stained sunsets and traveled the expanse of the globe several times. I dream that there isn’t a wish I haven’t chased, or a pursuit I haven’t conquered. In my mind I have loved to the greatest capacity of myself; I have tasted the very stars.”

Here is just a clip of my article/poem on Bella Grace Magazine’s blog, “Grace Notes.” Fall is my absolute favorite season, and I am blessed to get to share some of my thoughts with you all. I’d love to hear how you will be reinventing yourself this fall. Please visit the site to read the rest and share your delicious musings and wonderings with me.

All my love,


11.4.18 Creating a Bank Account of Cozy




Salted caramel hot chocolate. Thick, warm slices of buttered toast. Snuggles under a new, warm blanket. Reading a classic while it’s raining … bright colored leaves painting the sidewalk. The first fire of the season, logs snapping as amber shadows dance on your walls. This is the Danish concept of Hygge – dedicating oneself to the pursuit of coziness and comfort.

I was honored to be asked by the editors of Bella Grace to discuss what cozy looks like. November first, this special edition of Bella Grace Magazine came out and is available at Barnes and Nobles, or online. Tonight I finally took the time to dive in and I was instantly neck deep in seasonally sweet ideas and ways to slow the pace of my racing days. From creating oil-infused baths to hosting a Scottish “Cookie Shine,” I am tempted beyond all reason to fill my antique teacup and crawl into bed to read the rest.

I hope that you’ll take a moment to read “Creating a Bank Account of Cozy,” my article and journal prompt and tell me one cozy aspect involving each of your senses. As a sneak peek, I’ll share one of mine.

Taste: Warm pumpkin muffins fresh from the oven

Sound: Strong wind that wrestles the last leaves off trees

Smell: The thick smell of melting chocolate

Touch: Layers upon layers of fleece, cotton, and wool

Sight: The brilliant encore of Maples and Oaks in the finale of Fall

Your turn to turn on your cozy! I’d love to hear your thoughts on how the Danish concept of Hygge might affect you as the season turns.

Be well and stay comfortable friends,