2.1.23 Seven Small Truths: Day One


For the start of a new month, still relatively new to the year, I decided to give myself a little challenge to share seven days of small truths. I think honesty is not only rare, but undervalued. Though I’m not even sure these truths will matter to anyone, they matter to me, and so, at the risk of being too transparent, I plan to share them anyway!

Sometimes I am surrounded with truths about myself that even I don’t understand. And that in and of itself is the epitome of confusion, isn’t it? Truth. Something you know to be so, and yet … don’t necessarily comprehend. Be that as it may, here is the reality I find myself keeping company with. The what is always easier than the why, to be sure. I am forever working on my “why’s.”

C’est la Vie.  

DAY ONE Truth: I have little to no tolerance for shallow conversation. I find it tedious, needlessly exhausting, and–after about two minutes–yearn to “get to the good stuff.” I would 100% rather know the song to your life’s soundtrack than how work went for you today. I’ve never understood why we waste precious time with getting-to-know-you ice-breakers instead of starting out with relevance. Is it because we don’t trust one another with something real? Probably. Is it that we don’t trust ourselves to share something real for the fear of being judged. Even more likely. Still, I don’t think things need to be this way. I believe in the possibility to have genuine conversation that moves proverbial mountains, shakes the foundations of societal norms, and makes day-to-day conversations a whole lot more interesting. Imagine a world where, “Hi, how are you?” instead becomes, “Hi, if you had to name the purpose of your life today, what would it be?” Am I a naive optimist … 100%. But I’d still like to know. 🙂

What about you? Where do you lie on chit-chat? Could you idle and swim in the shallow end forever, or … like me … do you long for the deep end of discussion where substance and intention collide? If so, what question do you wish was a daily occurrence?

Forever curious,